Monday, October 23, 2017

Magic spell

DJ  / SF : Barn Pergola available @ Shiny Shabby October 20th till November 15th.
DJ / SF:  BB Chaise Light, 25% off, available@ On9 till October 28th.

DaD DESIGN : "Country Dining Set" including chair, chair with blanket, table. An exclusive for Shiny Shabby October 20th till November 15th.

Raindale : Charfell cabin, exclusively @ Season of the Witch started October 14th till November 4th.

UnKindness: "Old Smokem's Park Gacha", in this picture Log Bench Poseless, Steep Incline Curved Steps, Fence 3, Trail Sign 1, 2, 4, Very Curved Path, Curved Path, Winding Path, Straight Path. Available @ Gacha Guardians till October 31st.

Also in this picture:
Mesh India : Harvest Moon Frame , Harvest Moon Pumpkin Light  details here .
Raindale : "Bright October Gacha" Pumpkin stack  and Pumpkin string lights, details here

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