Wednesday, October 18, 2017

After dusk

Serenity Style: Rick Forest Cabin, Rick Forest Lamp, Rick Forest Rocking Chair, an exclusive for The Liaison Collaborative October 7th till October 30th.

Serenity Style: Autumn cart and Decor, exclusively @ Le Six Event started October 6th.

Serenity Style: Raven Dream in the Porch Bench and Box, exclusively for new Deco(c)rate October 8th till November 7th.

GOOSE : Nordic floor lanterns, big and small.

CHEZ MOI: Spider Gate, a new release for Cosmopolitan till October 21st.

CHEZ MOI: Fall Picnic Set , Adult and PG versions, an exclusive for Deco(c)rate October 8th till November 7th.

CHEZ MOI: Pumpkin Autumn Wagon, Pumpkin Rustic Wagon, exclusively for Limit 8 October 18th till November 13th.

Mesh India: Harvest Moon Leaf Basket, Harvest Moon Tree Light, exclusives for Deco(c)rate October 8th till November 7th.

Mesh India: The Witches Decor gacha, in this picture BOO! available @ Cosmopolitan till October 21st.

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