Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Galland Homes : Laurel Ridge Pavilion, available @ ULTRA till December 8th.

[Merak] : Winter Dinning Set, available @ Tannenbaum November 25th till December 25th.

7mad;Ravens : Holiday Set, in the picture, Xmas Art 3, 4, 5, Green Xmas Candlesticks, Red Xmas Candlesticks, available @ Tannenbaum November 25th till December 25th.

UnKindness : Victorian Village Shops, in the picture, Victorian Village Shop White and Victorian Village Shop Red, for Builder`s Box.

Zen Creations :Chrumpkins Monochrome. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

White snow

OUTLIER.// Biker Stud Jacket Black and Ease Skinnies 517 Light Blue, available @ MOM till December 15th.

CKEY POSES : Zedekiah series male static poses, (5+1 pack).

Mesh India: Snow Background with Pose, available @ ULTRA  till December 13th.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The station

A&D Clothing : Blazer "Wesley" and "Leonard" Pants with HUD, for ADAM, SLINK, TMP, SIGNATURE, BELLEZA and SL Body.

CKEY POSES :  "Stairs" (pack of 4) male static pose. Coming soon.

Serenity Style :"Kynne Old Station" GACHA, in the picture Kynne Station RARE, Rail, Lamp, Clock, Waiting Bench, Bench, Sign,Serenity Bell, Departures Board, Luggage cart, Tickets. Available @ November round of PocketGacha started November 15th till December 14th.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Outside the snow is falling

Galland Homes : Laurel Ridge, available @ FaMESHed till November 27th.

CHEZ MOI : "Fireplace & Chair Set Chaud", PG and Adult versions, in the picture Armchair&Footstool (Adult), Fireplace, Firewood Holder, Table, Metallic Pumpkin Decor. An exclusive for ULTRA till December 13th.

CHEZ MOI : Rusty Swing Lift and Swing Lift Sign Pole Red, exclusively for Limit8  till December 13th.

CHEZ MOI : Sled Bed,  Adult and PG versions, available @ SHINY SHABBY till December 15th.

Zen Creations : Chrumpkins Earthy , available in 3 more colors.

Serenity Style : Charm Plants, Spy plants and Mystic Mushrooms, exclusively @ Enchantment till November 30th.

Little Branch : GiantCedar{Animated} Seasons, vailable @ The Liaison Collaborative till November 30th.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Whiskey is a solution

UnKindness : Tunnel Vision Photo Prop. Available @ Man Cave till December 1st.

UnKindness : Gentleman's Conference Set, in the picture, Table Short, Chair, Laptop, Runner,
Hanging Lights, WTFHYD Sign, Whiskey Solution Sign, available @ TMD till November 30th.

[ zerkalo ]  : "@6th Republic", in the picture, High Pressure - Industrial Fan (RARE), Twisted Pipe - Adult, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

[ zerkalo ] : "Full Metal" Gacha, in the picture,  Whiskey, Light Stand, Sand-glass. Available @ Kustom9 till December 10th.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The weather outside is frightful

GOOSE : Caledon Barn, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

 CHEZ MOI : Patio Set Sapporo adult and PG version, available @ On9 till November 28th.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Domo Arigato

BJK *: Tokyo Gacha, in the picture, Restaurant RARE, Phone booth, Restaurant Wall Signal, Cushions table whaves, Umbrella machine red, Drinks Vending machine. Available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

DJ / SF: Rustic Bench  -  MF available @ On9 till November 28th.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Be a lion today

[zerkalo] : "Marble Firmness", in this picture, Bureau, Mirror, Red Rack, Warm Whale, Sun Fish,Four for one, Balance - GOG, Little Cabinet, Solid Vase, Snowdrop Vase, Pa's Towels Available @ The Gacha Garden till November 30th.

Serenity Style: "Canadian Friendly Ferrets" Gacha, in the picture, Naughty RARE, Ginger,
Standing Ginger, Standing Grey, Standing Sable, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

UnKindness : "Simply Said" Gacha, in the picture,  In/ExHale, Be a Lion EXCLUSIVE, Today, Be Humble, available @ The Gacha Garden till November 30th.

Mesh India : "Kandy Decor" Gacha  Soft Couch RARE, find it @ Cosmopolitan till November 19th.

Zen Creations : Wall Ladder Lamp.

Raindale: " Autumnley" Gacha, in the picture, ground pillows - set 2, pillow (deco), pillow with book (deco), cocoa tray, candles. Available @ Cosmopolitan till November 19th.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

What a difference a day makes

...Scars... : Short Duffle Coat Brown/Red and Skinny Rolled Up Pants, available @ TMD November round.

Raindale : "Victorian Bakery" available exclusively in  Xmas Builder Box  

DaD Design  :  Snow plants with pots. Group Gift, available @ main store.

Dad Design : "Old Memory Bicycle Winter Ed." Available @ FaMESHed till November 27th.

GOOSE : Couples lantern and Couples Park Bench.

Little Branch : WildBeech{Animated} 4Season and Hill Winter, for TMD November round. 

Friday, November 3, 2017


INVICTUS : Button Jeans Light and Sneakers Black/White for Singature, Slink, TMP, Belleza and SL Body. Available @ MOM till November 15th.

Facade.:: "Odin" unisex tattoo with neck connection for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body. Find it @ MOM till November 15th.

CKEY Poses : "Stairs" (pack of 4) male static pose. Coming soon.

Kraftwork : "Gas Station", available @ FaMESHed till November 27th.

Mesh India : " Tin robots Gacha" in this picture Tin Robot Gang  RARE, Tin Robot Yellow 1, Tin Robot Blue 3. Available @ The Gacha Garden till November 30th.