Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pour some sugar on me

A&D Clothing : Shirt "Tyron" for ADAM, SLINK, TMP, SIGNATURE and SL Body.

CHEZ MOI :  "Southern Kitchen", adult and PG versions, an exclusive for Deco(c)rate till October 7th.
UnKindness : "La confiserie Gacha Set", in this picture : Cupcake Boxes Y&B, Cupcake Boxes P&B,  Happiness Board, Life is Board, uK - Donut Display w/Goodies RARE,  Cupcake Strawberry,  Cupcake Chocolate, Cupcake Birthday, Lollipop Cake, Choco Tower Cake RARE, CandyApples Blue, CandyApples Pink, CandyApples Gold, Donut Stand Coconut, Donut Stand Icing, Donut Stand Sprinkles, Applecup Orange, Applecup Yellow, Applecup Purple, Donut Plate Coconut, Donut Plate Sprinkles, Donut Plate Icing. Still the option to purchase the full set till October 15th.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

No limit

OUTLIER.// : Lumber Flannel_Rebel [FitMesh] and Strapped Denim- Stone [FitMesh]. Available @ MOM till October 15th.

The picture was taken @ Ammos Fall .

Friday, September 22, 2017


Galland Homes : "Peermont", available @ ULTRA till October 8th.

CHEZ MOI: Tree House The Nest (Adult), Pallet Couch, find both @ ULTRA till October 8th.

Serenity Style : Aegeas Country Fence, an exclusive for Shiny Shabby started September 20th till October 15th.

DaD DESIGN : "Love Gardening" , an exclusive for Tres Chic , September 17th till October 10th.

LB Little Branch : WeepingHoneyTree{Animated} 4Seasons, available @ ULTRA till October 8th.

HJM Designs: Autumn Bicycle Decor, Autumn Rustic Pallet Decoration, both available @ Perfect TEN , new round.

DJ / SF: Porch Welcome Sign - dark find it @ Shiny Shabby till October 15th.

GOOSEGarden fountain, group gift.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


A&D Clothing : Pants "Justin" for ADAM, SIGNATURE, SLINK, TMP and SL Body with HUD.

[AR2 Style]: "Extreme Tattoo", for classic avatar and with head appliers for LELUTKA, CATWA, GA.EG, SIGNATURE, OMEGA and body appliers for TMP, SIGNATURE, SLINK, ADAM, EVE, OMEGA, BELLEZA (male & female), MAITREYA exclusive for Hipster Men's Event  till October 6th.

CKEY POSES: Smoking Break. Single male static pose.

GOOSEGarden Shed Blue and Brown .

DJ  / SF: Porch Ladder, available @ September round of  Shiny Shabby .

HJM Designs : Autumn Tree with Old Wheel.

Mesh India: "Fall Decor Gacha", in this picture Fall Wall Sign, Garden Leaf Trolley, Big Pumpkin Trolley. Available @ Tres Chic Decor Circle till October 10th.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Destination ...

DaD DESIGN : SOHO IndustrialLoft/Skybox, an exclusive for ULTRA September 15th -
October 15th.

Zen Creations : "Book Lover Bedroom" full set with Adult, PG Menu and (color & resize) HUD.

UnKindness "Dude Art" Full Set, available @ Mancave  September 10th till October 1st.

DJ/SFVintage Blanket Box (group gift).

Mesh India : "Neon Sign Decor Gacha", in this picture , Neon Blak Jack Sign, Neon WIN WIN WIN .
 Mesh India: Travel Decor Gacha, in this picture, Travel Plan Board Decor, 66 Route Map & Sign Board, Travel Suitcase 1 Decor (Texture Change), Travel Suitcase 2 Decor (Texture Change),Building Frame Decor (Texture Change), available @ aQua Event  till September 24th.

Serenity Style: Janire Vintage Collection, in this picture, Armchair, Boxes,Sideboard, Picture, Radio, Wall Telephone RARE, Coat Rack, Available @ PocketGacha  till October 14th.

HJM Designs  : Nostalgia Living Room full set.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mind wandering

MGmen's : Jeans Pants Bang for Singature, TMP and SL Body.
MGMen's : T-Shirt Belt  for Singature, TMP and SL Body.
Both available @ TMD till September 30th.

Façade.:: "Hope" Unisex Tattoo for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body. Available @ Hope After Harvey September 6th till September 20th. This event will donate its proceeds to the Red Cross Disaster Fund and ASPCA to not only help the people in need, but the displaced animals, as well.

-Nivaro- Tribal Stubble Beard Appliers for Catwa, Signature and Omega. Five colours (White, Black, Brown, Blonde, Red), Off Button, Tintable White version. 

Serenity Style: Augusta Out of time Gazebo, exclusive for the new round of We<3RP till September 30th.
Serenity Style: "Norah Imagination". In this picture   Little Library RARE, Wherev the wind takes me, Chair, Best Sellers, Stuffs to keep, The Travel. All items are exclusive gacha collection for The Liaison Collaborative till September 30th.

Raindale : Bitterwood bookshelf, Bitterwood lamp, exclusive  new rustic set available @ The Liaison Collaborative till September 30th.
Raindale : Lanefield gacha, in this picture, chair, table, basket, pouf green, pouf brown, vase.

LB Little Branch: EucalyptusTree{Animated} 4Seasons. Available @ On9 till September 28th.

Friday, September 8, 2017


[Merak]: "Balkan Travel Collectibles", in this picture, Old Cabinet, Old Travel Documents, Stomna (Water Pots), Old Pots, Grandma's Purse. Available @ Aqua Event till September 24th.

CHEZ MOI: Daisy Basket , an exclusive for The Chapter Four started September 4th till October 1st.

Serenity Style : "Working Space Set", in the picture, Chair, Desk, Keybord, Picture Frames 1.2.3, Shelf, Workbook, Mouse, PC All in One.Group members have a 20% discount.

UnKindness :"Fireplace Fountains & Accessories Set", in this picture, Fireplace Fountain Rustic Tan, La Luna Frame, La Luna Candle Crisp Day, La Luna Candle Moonlight, La Luna Candle Waterfall. Available @ FaMESHed till September 27th.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Late summer sun

CHEZ MOI : Barbecue Party (Adult), Cutting Board, Picnic Cheese and Bread,Picnic Table Let's Party (Adult). Classic Picnic Basket, Cup With Flower, Orange Cake, Hamburger Tray Party. Available @ TRES CHIC   till September 10th.
CHEZ MOI : Porch Swing Oak (Adult), Available @ LIMIT8  till September 13th.

BJK "Electric Scooter gacha", in this picture :  Swing, Old drums, Electric Scooter White RARE, Electric Scooter Black RARE, Bag Graffiti,  Bag Militar. Available @ Cosmopolitan  till September 10th.

LB Little Branch: Old OakTree{4Seasons} Animated big, Old OakTree{4Seasons} Animated small. 
LB Little Branch: OakTree.v2{4Seasons} Animated, available @ LIMIT8 till September 13th.
LB Little Branch: ArganTree{Seasons} Animated, available @ Genre started  August 15th .