Monday, February 27, 2017

Should i have a shave?

A&D Clothing : Pants James, for SLINK, TMP. SIGNATURE GIANNI, ADAM and SL Body.

.Facade.::  "Cruel Beauty", Unisex Tattoo for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body.

-Nivaro-  Catwa Beard Applier Curved.

Sam Poses : Male Pose Set (Pose No 4).

The decor is from Tartessos Store (Classic shaving Set, Magnetism Bathroom Mirror, Sink and Bamboo Plant.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A game of light and shadows

Dolome Designs Ellion Sofa Table.
Kaerri Fabulous Set: Owl - M, Owl - L, Pagoda, Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Snake Plant -M, Snale Plant - S, Planter, Rug, Apple Bowl,  Apples, Floor Lamp, Hydrangea Vase, Couch, Coffee Table, Chair.
[Park Place] Black Leather Chaise - Cuddles.
{CdB} Esme Dresser.
[CIRCA] : "Kiss Me" Side Cabinet - White Wood, "Kiss Me" Ottoman PG - Velvet Black (38pos), "Free Love" Area Rug - LOVE - Black / Grey.
All the above available exclusively @ Swank  for a few more days till the end of month.

RaindaleStack of books, cup of tea.

Aphrodite: Happy Valentines flowered Heart Macaroons box.

The building is from Casa D.::Neo Vintage House Dark.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Someone has to watch you guys

INVICTUS : Ripped Shorts Jeans Dark (option for open belt) for SLINK, TMP, AESTHETIC, SIGNATURE and SL Body. Available @ MOM , new round started February 20th and till March 6th.

*Queen oF Ink : Boss Unisex Tattoo for TMP, SLINK, BELLEZA, MAITREYA OMEGA and SL Body.

-Nivaro- : Catwa Beard Applier Jaw.

GOOSE: Pot People V2 (Lazy, Fish, Swink, Work, Bath (RARE), Soccer, Stolen, Welcome), available @ Shiny Shabby started February 20th and till March 15th.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Neighborhood dead end

BJK* Neighborhood Gacha: Bulding RARE, Street light, Wall Flowerpot, Blue Chair, Table, Shelf, Bed, available exclusively @ Cosmopolitan  started February 13th till February 25th.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Every time our eyes meet

A&D Clothing : Pants Zealand, Hugh Vest & Shirt both  for SLINK, TMP. SIGNATURE GIANNI, ADAM and SL Body, Seattle Shoes for SLINK, TMP, SIGNATURE GIANNI, ADAM and SL Body.

-Nivaro- : Catwa Beard Applier Grizly.

Sam Poses: "Amazed" Couple Pose, an exclusive for Hashtag Event  started February 13th and till February 28th. 

Details about Moon's Outfit at her blog

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Secret garden

GOOSE : Wheatered Garden kiosk, an exclusive, available @ new round of Cosmopolitan started February 13th till February 25th.

Raindale: Elston bench and pergola, exclusively @ 2nd Level Event started February 10th and till February 28th.
Raindale  : Meadow grass  ~ spring cool.

Kaerri : Garden Piano, exclusively @ Swank    new round "Truly, Deeply, Madly" started February 7th.

 OTB!  Perfect Date Table exclusively @ Swank  new round "Truly, Deeply, Madly" started February 7th.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Praying to my own God

MGmen's : Jeans AXE for TMP, Signature Gianni and SL body.

.Facade.::  "In Runes" head tattoo, for CATWA, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA.

BODY MOD: Black Work Unisex Tattoo, for ADAM, BELLEZA, MAITREYA, SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM and OMEGA. Find it @ BODYFY EVENT started February 8th.

{QP}: The Warrior, single male pose, available @ Cosmopolitan new round started February 13th. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

At your absence

Ghostyss: Philippe full outfit, available exclusively @ Swank new round "Truly, Deeply, Madly" started February 7th.

{QP} : The Gentleman, single male pose, find it @ On9 until February 28th.

 Serendipity Designs : The Calbrazzi Bed, The Calbrazzi Highboy, The Quiet Village Painting, The Calbrazzi Dresser, The Calbrazzi Lamp, Calbrazzi Silver Rug.

Dolome Designs: Love Wall Ribbon, Ellion Side Table, Love Heart Vase w/Red Rose,  Ellion Shelf Unit, Bleeding Heart Wall Plauqe, String of Broken Hearts.

Kaya's Ray of Sunshine: K*Soft Valentine Heart E , K*Soft Valentine Heart H.

DCM : Red crystal rose in a vase (gift).

%Percent : %Heart Filigree Wall Decor (multi) *MESH*

[Park Place]: Antique White "Cabinet" Picture Frame, Hanging Planter - Pink/ Lavender Tulips, Hearts Garland Wall Decor, Red Marble Table Lamp, "Love" Teddy Bear with Tulips,  Leafy Green Table Plant Decor,
Find all the above @ Swank new round "Truly, Deeply, Madly" started February 7th.

[Park Place] : Ebony Wood Rocking Chair w/ Color-Change Throw.

HJM Designs : Amelie Console table Set, Be Mine Blocks, Love is in the air tulips. 

Raindale: Sheer Curtain ~ mirror, a gift @ 2nd Level Event from February 10th till February 28th.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I see your true colors

Costarlos : Sweater Zip Yellow blue and Cooper Jean Dark Blue both in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL)

SamPoses : Floating Love, available @ 2nd Level Event  starting February 10th and till the end of month.

[.:Tm:.] Romantic Rose's Gazebo Wood Dark,  Pathway Wood middle curve mesh, Heart Rose Petals w anims PG.
Dreamland Designs: Romantic Well Garden, Romantic Adult Log
Both available exclusively @ Swank new round "Truly, Deeply, Madly" started February 7th.

Details about the dress @ Moon's Blog

Monday, February 6, 2017

Horse whisperer

Costarlos : Cooper Jeans Black in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL).

*Queen oF Ink: Old West B&W Unisex Tattoo with one extra color for TMP, SLINK, BELLEZA, MAITREYA , OMEGA and System Body. Available @ The Chapter Four started February 4th and till February 28th.

Sam Poses: "The Wall", horse and pets included, exclusively @ The Avenue started February 1st until February 26th.

.:Tim:. Creation: Summer Oak Tree Arrangement, Summer Leaf Ground Cover, available exclusively @ Swank new round starting February 7th.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

L♥OVE is all you need

Raindale: Sugarvale pavilion (RARE), Sugarvale ~ chair, Sugarvale ~ table, Sugarvale ~ vase of daisies, Sugarvale ~ single daisy, Sugarvale ~ cup (rose & sunny), Sugarvale ~ cake roll, Sugarvale ~ ottoman, Sugarvale carpet, Sugarvale beaded curtains, Sugarvale lantern (particles), Sugarvale lantern, Sugarvale frame (art), all gacha items and a are available @ The Crossroads new round started February 3rd.

Raindale: Salford couch (winter edition), Salford tray, find them both @ The Avenue Event till February 26th.

HJM Designs: Endless Love Shelf, Valentine Chalk Board, Love You Forever Bird Cage, exclusively for Swank February round starting soon.

HJM Designs : Valerie Plant Stand (new release).

[Wood Works] : Sweetheart Blanket, Sweetheart Dinette Table, Ottoman, available exclusively @ Swank February round starting soon.

[Park Place]: Pink Flowers in Basket, Potted Pink Frangipani, Teal Decorative Bowl, all available @ The Best Is Yet To Come Event  till February 15th.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Where the day meets the night

[Park Place] : Tipsy Bookshelf Set, Enameled Flower Decor - Large, Enameled Flower Decor - Medium, Enameled Flower Decor - small, A Touch of Spring Bench (singles/cuddles), Mist Green Display Shelf,  Love Always Picture Frame,  Walnut Corner Curio Cabinet w/ Accessories, Potted Purple Hibiscus, A Touch of Spring Floor Pillows  - Singles/Cuddles, find them @ The Best Is Yet To Come Event till February 15th.

HJM Designs: Salina Lounger, new release.
HJM Designs: Heart Decor Hanger, available @ Perfect Ten Shopping Event  the item is in discount 50% through the Event takes place from February 1st till February 15th.

REKT  : Minimalist Fireplace, for the current edition of "The Challenge", the item is in special offer of 50% off.

Raindale : Salford tray, available @ The Avenue Event, round starts February,1st and ends February 26th.
Raindale : Sugarvale carpet, a gacha item available @ The Crossroads Event new round starting February 3rd.