Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sweet dreams

[zerkalo] :"Emilia Bed", in the picture, Emilia Bed, in Adult and PG version, Floor Pillow and  Rug, available @ Shiny Shabby  till December 15th.

DaD :"Ohh my Christmas Cake", in the picture, Ohh my Christmas Cake!"RARE, Gingerbread Box, Gingerbread Cake Winter, Gingerbread Cake Trad., Winter Candy Cane mug, Red Candy Cane mug. Available exclusively @ The Epiphany till December 27th.

Raindale : "Cranbourne Set", in the picture, fireplace (dark + firewood), garland, candles, available exclusively @  The Liaison Collaborative till December 26th.The candles are a free gift.

N4RS : No-Beans Chill Seat Leather and Xmas Throw in a Basket, available @ TMD  till December 30th.

Serenity Style :"Fae Christmas Decor", an exclusive prize for the Magical Christmas Hunt for Enchanted Toys . A new funny game that people can play till December 24th.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Silent nights

UnKindness : Winter Slumber Set, in the picture Bed (PG & Adult version), Night Stand, Vase1, Runner, available @ FaMESHed till December 27th.

[Merak] : For the Arcade, Winter Fireplace RARE, Holiday Socks (empty), Holiday Socks (presents), Cozy Pillows A&B, Winter Pillows A&B, Hot Chocolate, Fireplace Screen, Xmas Ladder, availalble @ The Arcade till December 31st.

Refuge : Christmas Ornament Gacha Burst Bauble, Classic Bauble, Drop Bauble, Wire Snowflake, in (White-Blue-Pink-Purple),  available @ Tannenbaum till December 22nd.

Deer : Cookie Letter Merry Christmas Sign, available in main store.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Santa's post office

GOOSE : "Covered bridge" GACHA, in the picture, Covered Bridge RARE,  Tree with lights, Date Sign, Fence, Welcome Sing, Bench, available @ The Arcade till December 31st.

Serenity Style :" Painted Holiday Cart" and "Santa's Post Office" Gacha, which is an exclusive release for the new round of the Winder Garden Gacha, both available @ The Liaison Collaborative , in the picture, Santa's Post Office RARE, Gift 1-2-3-4, Gifts bike, Sign, Mail Box, Trunk.

MADRAS : "Frosty Decor Gacha Set", in the picture, Dude, Lantern, Piano, PostBox, Wood Log, Lamp, Bird Home, available @ The Arcade till December 31st.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Counting the days

A&D Clothing : Suit "London" with HUD for Slink, Signature, Belleza, TMP, Adam and SL Body. Available in main store.

Avenge : Hot Choco mug marshmallow  red [RARE] and Candy Cane mug addon  available @ Limit8 till December 13th.

.frenEzo. : Industrial Kitchen Marco Adult, available in main store.

DJ / SF : Industrial Bench and Blanket Basket, find it @ LTD Christmas calendar with free Home & Garden gifts starting December 1st till December 21st.

Deer : Fruit Bowl .

ACORN : Xmas Countdown Cushion, free gift @ The Arcade till December 31st.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Frosty 'n friends

DaD :"Bergen Cabin", footage 13.4x 8,0 resizable, land Impact 56, an exclusive for Uber till December 22nd.

CHEZ MOI : Snowy Rowboat, PG and Adult version, available @ Ultra till December 10th.

KAZZA  : Xmas  Pack, Teddy Bear, available in main store.

Deer : Snowman Pack, available in main store.

Little Branch : Korean Beech Tree (Animated) 4Seasons, available @ Enchantment till November 30th.

Little Branch  : Red Bud Tree (Animated) 4Seasons, available @ Uber till December 22nd.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Baby it's cold outside

Aphrodite Shop : <Heart Homes> "Magical Christmas Eve" Living Room, available in main store.

DaD : Cozy Pillows, PG and Adult version, available exclusively @  FaMESHed Go  till December 10th.

KraftWork  : [kunst] + KraftWork Candle Houses, available @ Shiny Shabby till December 15th.

MADRAS : Bottle Wall Sconce, in the picture, Red and White. Available @ Collabor88 till December 6th.

Refuge : Tree Frame Red Animated and Winter Scene, available @ Tannenbaum till December 22nd.

ACORN : Block Bundles, "Cold Outside", "Let It Snow", "Xmas 2018", available @ Tannenbaum till December 22nd.

Raindale : Harringnell console table, available exclusively @ Sense till December 8th.

Deer : Pillow Trees available in main store.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Games people play

[zerkalo]  : "Modern Loft" , in the picture, Bed (Adult & PG version), Lights, Frame 1,2,3, Hat, Box w/Books, Chest, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

N4RS : "Retro Set", in the picture, Duo-Tone Console, Old Retro Mirror, Old Retro Salon - Worn 1 & 2, Old Dutch Phone, Old Retro Side Table, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

Serenity Style : Spark plug Airplane, available exclusively @ Man Cave started November 15th.

MarinaBay : Boring clothes, available in main store.

Deer : "Old Audio Set", in the picture, Speaker 1, 2, Amplifier, Record Player, Records, available @ Uncharted Event

Deer : "Desk Gacha Set", in the picture, Desk Lamp, Deerface RARE, Cassette, Pencil Cup, Calender, available @ Uncharted Event

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rays of Light

DaD : "Glass House & Phoenix Bed", Glass House footage 18.2x11.2, Land Impact 37, exclusively @ Collabor88 till December 6th.

GOOSE : Garden stone wall build pack, available @ Cosmopolitan till November 17th.

Little Branch : WildBirch Tree (Animated), 4Seasons menu, 100% original mesh. Available @ TMD till November 30th.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Oh deer...!

[Merak] : "Agata Kitchen"  for 6o Republic available till November 20th. In the picture, Agata Kitchen Blue (Cream Marble), Bowls Stack, Cups Stack, Kitchen Counter Stool (blue & yellow), Pitcher with cups, Plates Stack, Stack of Spoons, Wooden Boards.

Aphrodite Shop  : Halloween Dining Set.

MADRAS : Buck & Doe Decor Set, available @ Limit8 till November 13th.

Refuge : Halloween Tumblers  group gift, available in main store.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Don't trust your barber

*Birth*  : 'Bruno" Catwa Appliers, bruised, bashed, slashed and splattered in blood, 2 eyeliner styles 6 face cuts, 6 bloody face tattoos, 3 skin rares, including heavy stubble version. Available @ The Gacha Gardens .

Serenity Style : "Valentinos Barber Shop", exclusive gacha for  6o Republic available till November 20th. You can buy as copy the full set too.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Toxic delivery

KraftWork : "Vienna Warehouse" available @ 6o Republic, starting November 6th.

MADRAS : Zoha Street Lamp.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sex is art

[zerkalo] : Z-Club, in the picture, Bar Stand, Dance Pole, Shirt, Tie, Lingerie, Dress, Neon: Sex, Neon: Don't Ask Why, Neon Yes, available @Kustom9 till November 10th.

UnKindness  : Benvenuto Full Set, available @ Uber till November 22nd.

Aphrodite Shop  : <Heart Homes>Three witches fun Halloween deco.

Zen Creations : Boo Kitty Decor Set .

Deer : Sideboard and Chair (texture changing HUD) available both in main store.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Forgotten times

DaD  : Forgotten summer pool Collection, exclusively @ Epiphany till November 12th.

DaD : "Ashton Manor", Land Impact 206, Footage 23x38 resizable , available @ Uber till November 22nd.

DJ / SF : Large Gate shabby, available @ Shiny Shabby till November 15th.

MADRAS : Zoha Street Lamp, available @ Cosmopolitan till November 3rd.

Little Branch : BitterNut Tree (Animated) 4Seasons, available @ Limit8 , WhiteAsh Tree (Animated) 4Seasons, available @ Uber and Japanese Maple (Animated) 5Seasons, available @ Blueprint till November 12th.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Watching over you

[zerkalo] : Messalina Bed Adult and PG version.

N4RS : Old Glamour Fire Place and Bronze Candelabra, available @ Uber till November 22nd.

Aphrodite Shop  : "Heart Homes" Classic Chaise sofa.

MADRAS :ARMADA Chandelier Brass, come with Texture change HUD.  Available @ Equal10 till November 5th.

Raindale : Borlon drapes, with texture changing HUD, available @ Sense till November 8th.

Raindale : Shadewoods table  and Shadewoods Crystal Ball, both with HUD. An exclusive release for Trick Or Treat Lane till November 2nd.

Raindale : Witch's tray, a gift at main store through  Once Upon A Nightmare Halloween Sale & Hunt till October 30th.

Refuge : Crystal Skull Black, a main store exclusive release with a discount through the duration of the Once Upon A Nightmare Halloween Sale & Hunt till October 30th.
*Note: This is not item of the hunt.

Also used in the picture : Refuge Selene Ottoman Purple, Fairytale Mirror Gold, MADRAS Pumpkin Glass with Light, Raindale Soulton tapestry +lights (menu control), Darkmore spirit board, Darkmore tarot, Unkindness Autumn's Hall Deco Balls Bowl.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Avenge : "Leon" male skin appliers for Catwa in 5 tones, with and without eyebrows options, shape included, 4 hairbase colors and 1 beard, available @ MOM till November 15th.

MGmen's : "Kras" pants and Hip bag, for Signature, Belleza, TMP and SL Body, available @ Man Cave till November 9th.

Serenity Style : "Nathan Locker", exlusively @ Man Cave till November 9th.

Deer : Laundry Set, available in main store.