Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The weather outside is frightful

GOOSE : Caledon Barn, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

 CHEZ MOI : Patio Set Sapporo adult and PG version, available @ On9 till November 28th.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Domo Arigato

BJK *: Tokyo Gacha, in the picture, Restaurant RARE, Phone booth, Restaurant Wall Signal, Cushions table whaves, Umbrella machine red, Drinks Vending machine. Available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

DJ / SF: Rustic Bench  -  MF available @ On9 till November 28th.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Be a lion today

[zerkalo] : "Marble Firmness", in this picture, Bureau, Mirror, Red Rack, Warm Whale, Sun Fish,Four for one, Balance - GOG, Little Cabinet, Solid Vase, Snowdrop Vase, Pa's Towels Available @ The Gacha Garden till November 30th.

Serenity Style: "Canadian Friendly Ferrets" Gacha, in the picture, Naughty RARE, Ginger,
Standing Ginger, Standing Grey, Standing Sable, available @ 6° Republic till November 20th.

UnKindness : "Simply Said" Gacha, in the picture,  In/ExHale, Be a Lion EXCLUSIVE, Today, Be Humble, available @ The Gacha Garden till November 30th.

Mesh India : "Kandy Decor" Gacha  Soft Couch RARE, find it @ Cosmopolitan till November 19th.

Zen Creations : Wall Ladder Lamp.

Raindale: " Autumnley" Gacha, in the picture, ground pillows - set 2, pillow (deco), pillow with book (deco), cocoa tray, candles. Available @ Cosmopolitan till November 19th.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

What a difference a day makes

...Scars... : Short Duffle Coat Brown/Red and Skinny Rolled Up Pants, available @ TMD November round.

Raindale : "Victorian Bakery" available exclusively in  Xmas Builder Box  

DaD Design  :  Snow plants with pots. Group Gift, available @ main store.

Dad Design : "Old Memory Bicycle Winter Ed." Available @ FaMESHed till November 27th.

GOOSE : Couples lantern and Couples Park Bench.

Little Branch : WildBeech{Animated} 4Season and Hill Winter, for TMD November round. 

Friday, November 3, 2017


INVICTUS : Button Jeans Light and Sneakers Black/White for Singature, Slink, TMP, Belleza and SL Body. Available @ MOM till November 15th.

Facade.:: "Odin" unisex tattoo with neck connection for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body. Find it @ MOM till November 15th.

CKEY Poses : "Stairs" (pack of 4) male static pose. Coming soon.

Kraftwork : "Gas Station", available @ FaMESHed till November 27th.

Mesh India : " Tin robots Gacha" in this picture Tin Robot Gang  RARE, Tin Robot Yellow 1, Tin Robot Blue 3. Available @ The Gacha Garden till November 30th.

Friday, October 27, 2017

My happy place

KraftWork Le Plateau Loft for 6° Republic starting November 6th.

[ zerkalo ] : "Industrial Spot" Gacha , in this picture  Daybed (RARE), Teapot Lamp, Gear Candle - Type B,  Gear Candle - Type A, Gears Drink Set, Milk Can Table, Headlight Lamp - Yellow, Rug, Screw It Sign - on/off blinking - GIFT Available @ Kustom9 till November 10th.

[ zerkalo ]: "Autumn Warmth Gacha",  in this picture  Lantern Candlem , Lantern w/Pumpkins, Sideboard, Rug, Table, Pumpkins, Persian Vase, Available @ The Epiphany till November 15th.

[Merak] : "Jam Season" in this picture Jam Crate, Empty Crate, Autumn Flower Bucket. Available @ Shiny Shabby till November 16th.

[Merak] : "Witch's Cabinet", in the picture, Witch's Cabinet (Closed), Potion Bottles and Jars, Spell and Potions Book, available @ Season of the Witch till November 4th.

Serenity Style: Skippy Scooter  Rust RARE. Available @ Shiny Shabby till November 15th.

Mesh India : Katty Home Gacha  Happy Place Board Sign  available @ PocketGacha till November 14th.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Magic spell

DJ  / SF : Barn Pergola available @ Shiny Shabby October 20th till November 15th.
DJ / SF:  BB Chaise Light, 25% off, available@ On9 till October 28th.

DaD DESIGN : "Country Dining Set" including chair, chair with blanket, table. An exclusive for Shiny Shabby October 20th till November 15th.

Raindale : Charfell cabin, exclusively @ Season of the Witch started October 14th till November 4th.

UnKindness: "Old Smokem's Park Gacha", in this picture Log Bench Poseless, Steep Incline Curved Steps, Fence 3, Trail Sign 1, 2, 4, Very Curved Path, Curved Path, Winding Path, Straight Path. Available @ Gacha Guardians till October 31st.

Also in this picture:
Mesh India : Harvest Moon Frame , Harvest Moon Pumpkin Light  details here .
Raindale : "Bright October Gacha" Pumpkin stack  and Pumpkin string lights, details here

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

After dusk

Serenity Style: Rick Forest Cabin, Rick Forest Lamp, Rick Forest Rocking Chair, an exclusive for The Liaison Collaborative October 7th till October 30th.

Serenity Style: Autumn cart and Decor, exclusively @ Le Six Event started October 6th.

Serenity Style: Raven Dream in the Porch Bench and Box, exclusively for new Deco(c)rate October 8th till November 7th.

GOOSE : Nordic floor lanterns, big and small.

CHEZ MOI: Spider Gate, a new release for Cosmopolitan till October 21st.

CHEZ MOI: Fall Picnic Set , Adult and PG versions, an exclusive for Deco(c)rate October 8th till November 7th.

CHEZ MOI: Pumpkin Autumn Wagon, Pumpkin Rustic Wagon, exclusively for Limit 8 October 18th till November 13th.

Mesh India: Harvest Moon Leaf Basket, Harvest Moon Tree Light, exclusives for Deco(c)rate October 8th till November 7th.

Mesh India: The Witches Decor gacha, in this picture BOO! available @ Cosmopolitan till October 21st.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


A&D Clothing :Blazer "Paolo" for ADAM, SLINK, TMP, SIGNATURE and SL Body.

-Nivaro- : 'Alex' Catwa & Body Appliers, scarred, slashed brows, painted, bearded, all sorts of options. 12 commons, 3 rares, Available @ The Gacha Guardians October round.

-Nivaro- :Applier Beards - Trible Stubble 2, for Catwa, Signature and Omega. Five colours (White, Black, Brown, Blonde, Red), Off Button, Tintable White version. Exclusive for Men Only Hunt ,

Façade.:: "Jilted" unisex, upper body tattoo with neck connection (not for TMP necks) for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body. Available @ TDSF5-Day Of The Dead October 14th till November 4th.

KraftWork: "U-Bahn Gacha", in this picture : Berlin U-Bahn Backdrop Traumhaltestelle Bahnhof, Berlin U-Bahn Backdrop U-Bahn, Berlin U-Bahn Backdrop Meine Fantasie XXX Sign, Berlin U-Bahn Backdrop Ember Bench, Berlin U-Bahn Backdrop Ausgang Sign. Available @ Industrie till October 23rd.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Night creatures calling

[Merak] : "Old Fireplace Full Pack", in this picture, Old Fireplace, Cooking Crane and Cauldron, Hanging Cooking Utilities, Old Cooking Pots. Available @ WE♥RP Event, till October 31st.

[ zerkalo ] : Bernard Sofa - Adult, available @ new round of FaMESHed till October 27th.

unKindness : Toboggan Shelf Sets w/ Accessories, @ the new round of Collabor8 till November 5th.

unKindness: Poe's Writing Desk Set, in this picture Writing Desk, Writing Chair, Sketches Parchment, Ramblings Parchment, Raven Feather Quill,  Raven Inkwell. Available @ Salem  until October 31st.

CHEZ MOI: Spooky Bed (Adult), @ new round of  On9  October 9th until October 28th.

Mesh India : "Halloween Skull Decor" , in this picture Skull Candle Natural, Skull
Marshmallow Stone. Available @ The Gacha Gardians .

Mariposa : Boo Wreath
Go Frock Yourself: Skeleton Coffee Table-RARE.
Both the above available @ Ghost Town Gacha  until October 31st.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Keep holding on

[Hipster Style]: "Maluma" Tattoo,  for classic avatar and with head appliers for LELUTKA, CATWA, SIGNATURE, OMEGA and body appliers for TMP, SIGNATURE, SLINK, ADAM, EVE, OMEGA, BELLEZA (male & female), MAITREYA exclusive for September round of Kinky Event .

GOOSE : Rocking chair & letter pumpkins, available @ Cosmopolitan till October 7th.

[zerkalo]: Automobile Bench,  Adult and PG version, available @ Shiny Shabby till October 15th.
[ zerkalo ]: "Music is Life" gacha. in this picture: Recordplayer - Red. Guitar  RARE, Record Player Stand, availabe @ The Gacha Garden .
[ zerkalo ] : "Bar Z" gacha. in this picture: Whiskey, Whiskey Glass, Ashtray, available @ Kustom9 till October 10th.

Raindale : "Bright October" Gacha, in this picture: frames (bat). pumpkin dot lights orange, apple candles, broom. available @ Halloween round of Avenue started October 1st.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pour some sugar on me

A&D Clothing : Shirt "Tyron" for ADAM, SLINK, TMP, SIGNATURE and SL Body.

CHEZ MOI :  "Southern Kitchen", adult and PG versions, an exclusive for Deco(c)rate till October 7th.
UnKindness : "La confiserie Gacha Set", in this picture : Cupcake Boxes Y&B, Cupcake Boxes P&B,  Happiness Board, Life is Board, uK - Donut Display w/Goodies RARE,  Cupcake Strawberry,  Cupcake Chocolate, Cupcake Birthday, Lollipop Cake, Choco Tower Cake RARE, CandyApples Blue, CandyApples Pink, CandyApples Gold, Donut Stand Coconut, Donut Stand Icing, Donut Stand Sprinkles, Applecup Orange, Applecup Yellow, Applecup Purple, Donut Plate Coconut, Donut Plate Sprinkles, Donut Plate Icing. Still the option to purchase the full set till October 15th.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

No limit

OUTLIER.// : Lumber Flannel_Rebel [FitMesh] and Strapped Denim- Stone [FitMesh]. Available @ MOM till October 15th.

The picture was taken @ Ammos Fall .

Friday, September 22, 2017


Galland Homes : "Peermont", available @ ULTRA till October 8th.

CHEZ MOI: Tree House The Nest (Adult), Pallet Couch, find both @ ULTRA till October 8th.

Serenity Style : Aegeas Country Fence, an exclusive for Shiny Shabby started September 20th till October 15th.

DaD DESIGN : "Love Gardening" , an exclusive for Tres Chic , September 17th till October 10th.

LB Little Branch : WeepingHoneyTree{Animated} 4Seasons, available @ ULTRA till October 8th.

HJM Designs: Autumn Bicycle Decor, Autumn Rustic Pallet Decoration, both available @ Perfect TEN , new round.

DJ / SF: Porch Welcome Sign - dark find it @ Shiny Shabby till October 15th.

GOOSEGarden fountain, group gift.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


A&D Clothing : Pants "Justin" for ADAM, SIGNATURE, SLINK, TMP and SL Body with HUD.

[AR2 Style]: "Extreme Tattoo", for classic avatar and with head appliers for LELUTKA, CATWA, GA.EG, SIGNATURE, OMEGA and body appliers for TMP, SIGNATURE, SLINK, ADAM, EVE, OMEGA, BELLEZA (male & female), MAITREYA exclusive for Hipster Men's Event  till October 6th.

CKEY POSES: Smoking Break. Single male static pose.

GOOSEGarden Shed Blue and Brown .

DJ  / SF: Porch Ladder, available @ September round of  Shiny Shabby .

HJM Designs : Autumn Tree with Old Wheel.

Mesh India: "Fall Decor Gacha", in this picture Fall Wall Sign, Garden Leaf Trolley, Big Pumpkin Trolley. Available @ Tres Chic Decor Circle till October 10th.