Thursday, July 18, 2019


Aphrodite Shop : " Homecoming " Wardrobe Dark (Adult & PG version), available in main store.

[Merak] : Coastal Couch (Sailor) ADULT, Shell Pillow Pink, White and Gold, available @ FaMESHed till July 27th.

Refuge : Lara Table and Chair (Adult & PG version), available @ FaMESHed till July 27th.

Granola : Message in a Bottle & Seashell Candle, July Group Gift, available in main store.

MADRAS : "Dhamu Set" (Glass Teapoy table, Vintage Mirror Candle, Vintage Dhamu Bell Decor, Vintage Dhamu Pot). Available in main store.

Zen Creations : "Quiet Reflection Set", available in main store.

Also used older decor from Dad and Little Branch

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer resort

DaD Desing : " Stonewater House " 100% original mesh, footage 42,1 x 37.7, Land Impact 82, available exclusively @ FaMESHed till July 27th.

CHEZ MOI : Havanna Wicker Couch (Adult and PG version) with HUD.

CHEZ MOI : Summer Bar (Adult and PG version), available in main store.

Refuge : Tropical Lounge Set Blue, available in main store.

Little Branch : Caribbean Palm (Animated), available @ Uber till July 22nd.

Little Branch  : Tropical Palm Double (Animated), available @ FeverFete till August 3rd.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Forgotten playground

MGmen's : "Tavin Set", short and T-shirt, for Signature (Gi & Ge) Belleza (Jake), Aesthetic and TMP Body, available @ TMD till July 31st.

B-Made  : "Old Playground Set", available @ Boardwalk starting July 15th.

[zerkalo] : Apokalyptic Fridge  Adult, available in main store.

The shoes are Native Urban

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Egozy : "Kenji" skin for AK Clay Bento Head, in 10 tones and body appliers for TMP, Singature, Slink, available in main store as Group Gift.

MG men's : Jacket & T-Shirt Jacks, for Signature (GI & GE) Belleza and TMP Body, available @ MOM till July 15th.

NATIVE URBAN : " Life Sneakers " with HUD, and Rolled Up Pants with HUD, available both in main store.

GOOSE : "The Nest Gacha Set" white/blue, available @ Cosmopolitan till July 13th.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Frenchies gone wild

Raindale : Pawbell hall tree (with decor) and storage basket 1 & 2, available exclusively @ MadPea Pet Friends Fair till July 20th.

SAYO : " Lena Corner Collection Delux Pack A", in the picture, Lounger - A, Floor Lamp, Side Table, Succulent Cluster, available @ FaMESHed July round.

Serenity Style : [Rezz Room & Serenity Style ] French Bulldog Gacha, in the picture, French Bulldog Style, French Bulldog Up, French Bulldog Jumping, French Bulldog Playing, French Bulldog Laying, Toys Basket, Picture, Suitcase (Rez) RARE, Feeder, available @ The Liaison Collaborative July round started on 3rd.

MADRAS : Maximillion Decor Set, available in main store.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Easy living

DaD Design : "Beachy Cabin", Footage 14.5x12.00 resizable, Land Impact 27, copy/modify, available exclusively @ Uber till July 22nd.

Serenity Style : "Amalfi Motocarro" Teal, available exclusively @ Man Cave till July 11th.

Granola : Stay Bumble Clothesline  JUNE Group Gift, available in main store.

Refuge : Green Thumb Gacha, in the picture, Planters Empty, Soil Bag, Plant Something Box, Planter and Spade, Mister, Seeds Box, Crate Planter, Watering Can, Table, available @ Shiny Shabby till July 15th.

Raindale  : Rosenfax hoop swing (no flowers) pastel edition.

Little Branch : Young Yellow Wood Tree (Animated) Seasons, WhiteFlowers1 (Rounded-Field), available @ Sense Event till July 8th.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Out of the blue

unKindness : "Venus Shores Living Room" available @ Uber till July 22nd.

Zen Creations : "Timeless Bed Set" Adult and PG version, available in main store.

Aphrodite Shop : HipHop 80/90ies  Cake, available in main store.

Refuge : "Green Thumb Gacha" Factory Light Blue and Factory Light White, available @ Shiny Shabby till July 15th.

 Details about the building will follow.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sea salt and sunshine

CHEZ MOI : "Sombrero Tiki Bench" (Adult and PG version), available @ Cosmopolitan till June 29th.

Aphrodite Shop  : Beer Boat, Drinks Buffet, available in main store.

Granola : Sea Salt & Sunshine Surf Shop Blue, available @ SUMMERFEST till July 7th.

Serenity Style : Seaside cart, available @ Flourish till July 4th.

[Merak] : "Beach Delight", in the picture, Bamboo Divider, Mat Decor, Mat Rolled, Rocks (w/anims) RARE, Closed Umbrella Type A & B, Cherry Basket, Olive Tray, Floor Cushion Blue, Floor Cushion for Two RARE, Floor Cushion Summer, Floor Cushion Tropical, Floor Cushion Yellow, Bread and Olive Tray, Natural Wood Table, available @ The Arcade till June 30th.

[Merak] : "Summer in the Caribbean" in the picture, Beach Essentials, Beach Shells Torch, Folding Wood Chair Type A & B, Old Rowboat Blue (without sand), available @ SUMMERFEST till July 7th.

Little Branch : Fan Palm (Animated) Tall, Fan Palm (Animated) HighRes, Beach Palm Double (Animated), Dracaena Tree V3 (Animated), Dracaena Tree V1 (Animated), Beach Palm Quad (Animated), available @ SUMMERFEST till July 7th.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Les Palmiers

DaD : "Les Palmiers Gacha Set, in the picture, Pavillon  RARE, Lounge chair cream, Lounge chair sky, coffee table, Pineapple decor, Butterflies cage, Wall lamp, Round sofa Sky leaf, Round sofa lamp, Shelf, Leaves rug, chair sky, Floor lamp, chair cream, Bizarre rug, available @ The Arcade till June 30th.

[zerkalo] : Grandma's Old Boat Adult, available @ kustom9 till July 10th.

MADRAS : Zen Garden Decor, in the picture, Bamboo Water Fountain Decor, Bonsai & Zen Sand Decor, Stone Lantern Light, available @ Flourish till July 4th.

Little Branch : Tropical Palm v2 (Animated), available in main store.

Friday, June 14, 2019


MG men's : Jacket and T-Shirt Brut, for Signature (Gi & Ge) Belleza, and TMP, available @ TMD till June 30th.

A&D Clothing : "Patrol" Pants for Slink, Signature (Gi & Ge), Belleza, Adam, TMP and Exmachina, available in main store.

Refuge : "Wasteland" Fence Kit, available in main store.

B-Made : Rusty Car Collection, available @ Flourish till July 4th.

Optmus Race : Sultan 4x4 Series, male and female version, available in Marketplace and main store.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Ocean blue

*Birth* : "Drogo" Catwa appliers, 3 Eyebrow Colours (Black, Dark, Brown), also Browless, Stubble and Clean versions, Drogo themed eye shadow and guyliner, 7 Tintable Beards (Black, Blonde, Brown, Red) and Tintable White Hairbases. 'Off' buttons for Hairbase and Beards, 7 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range) Shape included. Available @ The Final Winter till June 16th.

Native Urban : Wezol Joggers, Unisex, compatible with Signature Gi - Slink M - Belleza M - Maitreya - Freya - Isis - Hourglass, with HUD. Available in main store.

Serenity Style : " Deep Ocean Gacha ", in the picture, Hut, Wooden Flip Flops, Rudder, Lifeguard, Ladder, Bottle 1 & 2, Stool, Wooden Albatross, Shell Bucket, Hut Extension, exclusively @ The Liaison Collaborative till June 26th.

GOOSE  : Rattan Love seat (white - grey) ADULT, available @ Cosmopolitan till June 15th.

Raindale : " Southern Shore ", in the picture, beach towel - adult, parasol, radio (blue), exclusively @ Vintage Fair till June 16th.

Raindale : " SandWood Gacha ", in the picture, lounger (beige), rubber ring (yellow & blue), pier, torch, available @ The Arcade till June 30th.

I also used older decor from, Serenity Style, Aphrodite Shop, Kraftwork, OTB!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Finding the right balance

MADRAS : "Ganapathy Decor Gacha Set", in the picture, Elephant Bell Decor Brass RARE, Terracotta Pot Decor, Elephant Candle Holder, Jaya Table Decor, Brass Food Carrier Decor, Monkey Chai Brass, Jaya Floor Table Decor, Namo Rug, Amira Rug, available @ The Arcade till June 30th.

unKindness : "Holy Cannoli Gacha", in the picture, Raspberry/Vanilla, Choco Strawberry, Strawberry, available @ Whimsical till June 12th.

SAYO : "Made in Marrakech Gacha", in the picture, Moroccan Seatee - RARE, Hookah, Floor Lounger, Floor Lanterns, Screen, Tassel Rug 02 and 03, Light Leather Pouf, available in main store.

I also used older decor from MADRAS and Granola, the skybox is from MINIMAL

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sweets and love bites

DaD Designs : "Bellagio Floating dock", available in main store.

Serenity Style : Retro Outdoor Set, available in main store.

Serenity Style : Wasp Wheelbarrow, exclusively @ Man Cave till June 11th.

DJ/SF : Treehouse, available @ Cosmopolitan till June 1st.

Granola : "Spring Romance Gacha Collection", in the picture, Bucket Of Roses, Ceramic Chickens, Blueberries Vines, A Simple Girl's Hat RARE, Cherries White, Cherries Mint, available in main store.

Refuge : "June 2019 Arcade", in the picture, Sweets Shop Counter Blue RARE, Ice Cream Machine Pink, Ice Cream Machine Blue, Cupcake Single Blue, Sundae A,B, C, Cupcake Box Pink, Cupcake Box Blue, Neon Sign Blue, Marquee Sign Blue, available @ The Arcade June round.

Little Branch : Tropical Palm (Animated), available @ Boardwalk till June 15th.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

No time to waste

Native Urban : Hexagon Jacket, Siganture compatible with HUD, available in main store.

Optimus Race  : DRAG X EXPERIENCE II PROLINE SERIES, male and female version, in Marketplace and main store.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Fine wine

SAYO : Eastport Egg Chair Adult, available @ Uber till May 22nd.

[Merak] : Wine Corner, available @ Uber till May 22nd.

MADRAS : Vintage slide door table decor, available @ 6° Republic till May 20th.

Granola : Lexi Nightstand, Lilac Grey Silver, available @ Kinky till May 22nd.

Raindale : Elliston bed,  Adult and PG version, available in main store.

The building is Galland Homes more info here .
Also I used decor from UnKindness, [zerkalo], Backbone, Apple Fall, dust bunny, ACORN, MudHoney.