Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Time for a treat

 [ zerkalo ] : Grand Piano - Adult available @ Kustom9 till February 10th.

 [BR] BellaRose : Corina Dinette Set, in the picture, Dining Chair, Dining Table, Place Setting neutral, Roses CenterPiece,  Tropical Floor Plant, Trio Brass Candle Set. Available @ Cosmopolitan till January 27th.

CHEZ MOI :  Kensington Collection, Adult and PG version, in the picture Kensington Couch Sectional (Adult), Chest Table, Decor Candles, World Map Wall Decor, available @ SHINY SHABBY   till February 15th.

Mesh India :  Hari Fireplace Black, available @ Cosmopolitan till January 27th.
 UnKindness : Golden Hall Full Set, available @ FaMESHed till January 27th.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Raindale : Leverett cabin, (land impact 70, footprint  30x15), an exclusive release for Sense event till February 8th.

Raindale : Windridge gazebo, comes in normal and snowy version +optional string lights, available @ Cosmopolitan till January 27th.

Raindale : Fotherby hanging chair, new release, available at main store.
Serenity Style : Gio Vintage Car RARE, available @ Shiny Shabby January round starting today January 20.

Little Branch : GiantBeech (Animated)  4Seasons, find it @ Sense Event till February 8th.

Zen Creations : Cape Cod Dinigroom with resize - color HUD.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Simply falling for you

[Merak] : Garden Conservatory with or without snow, available @ Sense Event starting January 15th.

[Merak] :  Snuggly Swing Adult and PG version, Breakfast Tray.

DaD Designs : "Vintage rotary phone and table an exclusive for Deco(c)rate  January 2018.

[ zerkalo ] : "Let it Snow" in the picture, Fireplace (on/off sound) - RARE, Champagne Glass Candle, Fireplace Instruments, Stool,  Pillow1, Pillow2, Book, Bucket w/snow, available @ The Gacha Guardians till January 31st.

CKEY Poses : "Need..." Couple pose available @ Ultra starting January 15th till February 10th.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Frosty's date

Galland Homes  : Santa's Hut.

CHEZ MOI : Olena Wrought Iron Woodburning , Firewood Holder, an exclusive for Limit8 till January 13th.

CHEZ MOI : Grace Arbor Seat (Adult) available @ SHINY SHABBY  till January 15th.

[zerkalo] : Let it Snow - Snowman,  Let it Snow - Skis available @ The Gacha Guardians till January 31st.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Get the party started

UnKindness : "Shanty Church House Gacha" in the picture, Church House Building RARE, Cross Fence Dbl, Cross Fence Left, Old Signs, Long Signs, available @ The Gacha Guardians till January 31st.

UnKindness : "Old Americana Gacha", in the picture, Movie Screen RARE, Car Port RARE, Ticket Booth RARE, Tire Rim, Seat Red, Seat Blue, Speakers 1, Speakers 2, Fence Segment 2, Fence Segment 3.

UnKindness : "Shanty Repair Shop Gacha", in the picture, Always Open RARE.

Raindale : Winterleen bench, an exclusive release for January round of the Avenue Event .

Raindale : Dreamsleigh tire swing (yellow), exclusively @ The Liaison Collaborative till January 30th.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The music sounds better with you

A&D Clothing Blazer "Alonzo" and "Jules" Pants both with HUD, for ADAM, SLINK, TMP, SIGNATURE, BELLEZA and SL Body.

*Birth* 'Cavill' Catwa Appliers, Shape included, 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).  4 Eyebrow Colours. - Browless Option. - 6 Beards in Tintable White - Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours.Available @ MOM  till January 15th.

*Birth* : 'Slanted" Eyebrow Appliers Compatible with Omega, and Signature heads.

[BR] BellaRose : Rustic Wingback Overstuffed Chair, Tusk Coffee Table, Industrial Floor Lamp.

Mesh India : Wall Cabinet Middle available @ Cosmopolitan  till January 13th.

CHEZ MOI : Cozy Corner Set, in the picture, Beanbag Cozy Corner (Adult), Vintage Record Player, Vinyl Record Storage Shelf, Music Wall Poster, available @ Cosmopolitan till January 13th.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Ducks on ice

UnKindness : Winter Pool w/Patio.

UnKindness : Holiday Feast Gacha, in the picture, Dining Chair Blue,  Dining Chair White, Dining Table, Prime Rib Platter, Bread Ring, Asparagus & Potatoes, Poached Pears Dish, Wine Ornament Emptied, Wine Ornament Full, available @ Imaginarium till December 31st.

Serenity Style: Andres Happy Mood Gacha, in the picture, SnowMan 2, SnowMan 3, SnowMan 4, SnowBird  1, SnowBird 2, available @ Shiny Shabby, till January 15th.

Serenity Style : Purr Cute Ducks Gacha, in the picture, Mum & Kids RARE, Standing,  Sidewise, Babie Standing, Newborn, Sitting, available @ PocketGacha till January 14th.

Serenity Style : Fish my cheese an exclusive for the Holiday Hunt .

Raindale :  Lantern (holiday gift) .

Zen Creations : Frosted Flashing Trees.

Mesh India : Winter Frost Decor Gacha, in the picture, Snow Glitter Tree RARE, Winter Snow Tree 1, Baby its cold outside sign board, available @ PocketGacha till January 14th.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Life is a song, sing it!

MGmen's : Jacket and Sherts Boro both for Signature, TMP and SL Body, available @ MOM till January 15th.

Mesh India : Graffiti Backdrop Natural Limited version, available @ Limit8 till January 13th.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

To win the game just remain in the game

*Birth*: 'Dakota' Catwa Applier, Shape included, 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).  4 Eyebrow Colours. - Browless Option. - 6 Beards in Tintable White - Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours.Available @ TMD till December 31st.

*Birth* : 'Sloped' Eyebrow Appliers Tintable. Compatible with Omega, Catwa and Signature heads. Available @ eBento till December 31st and @ Hipster Men’s Event till January 6th.

 *Birth* : 'Buzzcut' Hairbase Appliers Tintable for Omega, Signature and Catwa heads.

Facade.::  "Cryptic" unisex tattoo for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body.

[ zerkalo ] : Billiards Z & Billiard Table, in the picture, Billiard table Adult, Hanging Lamp, Cue Rack (RARE), Wall Bar, Ashtray, Cue, Balls Set, Billiard Frame, Billiards Cards Frame, Stool, Dice Candle, Billiard Ball Candle, Gear Lamp. Available @ Kustom9 till January 10th.

Serenity Style : " Xena Love Serie", Eternal Love Panel and Love Box, available @ The Trunk Show till January 4th.

DJ / SF  : Corner sofa - white.

Raindale : Clarendon armchair, an exclusive release for Cosmopolitan till December 30th.

Mesh India : Christmas Wreath, available @ Limit8 till January 13th.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lord of the boards

MGmen's : Jacket and Jeans DNS, both for Signature, TMP and SL Body, available @ TMD till December 31st.

UnKindness : Countryside Cottage, available @ Collab88 till January 5th.

Zen Creaations  : Recycled Skateboard Chair & Table, Recycled Skateboard Shelf, Recycled Skateboard Wall Lamp Set.

DaD DESIGN :"Illuminated Trees" available @ Paying it Forward Event till December 25th.

[Merak] :  Leather Loveseat Black Adult and PG version, available @ Collab88 December round.

 CHEZ MOI :Wooden Christmas Tree,  Simple, Adult and PG version, available @ Cosmopolitan till December 16th.

Serenity Style : Neige Winter Picnic Rug,  Neige Winter Picnic Suitcase, available @ December Deco(c)rate .

Raindale :Whorouly hanging chair +lights, available @ Winter Garden .

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter wonderland

DaD Design : "The Conservatory", exclusive @ FaMESHed till December 27th.

CHEZ MOI : Tree Sled Rezzer, an exclusive for December Deco(c)rate  started on 8th.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

To the North Pole

DaD DESIGN : "Woodpecker Cottage", an exclusive for District 20 November 20-December 19.

GOOSE : Ski bench with decoration, available @ Cosmopolitan till December 16th.

Zen Cretions : Wooden Wrapping Paper Tree (Blue) .

[Merak] : Lamps, in the picture Sparkly Lamp (Silver), Hulahoop Light (ground), available @ Shiny Shabby till December 15th.

Serenity Style: Johanna Wooden Reindeers, group gift @ W.A.N.T.

Serenity Style : New winter releases @ main store, in the picture, Raven Dream in the Winter- Bench & leaves, Hopatia Winter Tree.

CHEZ MOI : Snowman Sack, available @ Paying Forward Event till December 25th.

LB Little Branch: WinterBriseTree, a multipurpose Mesh Trees 100% Mesh with Animated Leaves. Included Mesh winter grass Hill and a Frosen Deer. Available @ FaMESHed till December 27th.

Mesh India: "Let it Snow Winter Decor Gacha Set 2" in the picture, Let it Snow Sign Board, Snow Stump with Axe, Snow Stump, Snow Tire Pile, North Pole Sign, Snow Tire, Snow Rowboat, Snow Boat Stock Rare, Snow Sled. Available @ Cosmopolitan till December 16th.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Tis the season to be jolly

KraftWork : Pied-a-Tere, available @ Uber till December 23rd.

[BR]BellaRose : Sofa Christmas #17, Christmas Plaid Blanket Chair, Ivory Christmas End Table & Decor, SnowFlake Floor Lamp, Potted Snowy Christmas Tree.

DJ / SF: Kitchen Island - Grey, Candy Cane Gift, available @ Shiny Shabby till December 15th.

Zen Creations : Home Jar Deco Set.

PRIVE' by DaD: "The Glory Hole Divider", 3 wood textures and 5 fabric textures, exclusive @ Kinky Event till December 19th.

7mad;Ravens : Holiday Set, in the picture, Pillow/Crate Magic, Pillow/Crate Believe, Pillow/Crate Wonderful, Glass Fat Tree, Glass Sharp Tree, Xmas Art 1, Xmas Art 2, Xmas Art 6, available @ Tannenbaum till December 25th.

[ zerkalo ]: Golden Shade: Contrabass Bar (RARE), Teapot Windchime, Red Vase, Vintage Keys Cloche, Tree Lamp, Rolled up Letters, Heart in a Bottle, Mason Jar Candle Holder, Pine Cone Candle, Branches & Cones Centerpiece, available @ Imaginarium till December 31st.

Serenity Style: Loly Xmas Gacha Col., in the picture, Wall Tree RARE, GIFTS BAG, Jingle Bell Box, Happy Holidays GIFT BOX, Star Gifl, Laced Gift, Christmas Greetings Box, Xmas Stool, Xmas Frames & Balls, Xmas Wire Balls, available @ Whimsical Event till December 18th.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holidays are coming

[BR] BellaRose: The "Willow" 4 Bedroom Home.

GOOSE : Snow covered old garden set, exclusive item for this years Tannenbaum Event November 25th till December 25th.

Mesh India  : Snow Boat Decor with Snow Base.

LB Little Branch : ChokeBerry Animated 4Seasons  at Sanarae  till December 18th.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sharing is caring

Galland Homes : Laurel Ridge Pavilion, available @ ULTRA till December 8th.

[Merak] : Winter Dinning Set, available @ Tannenbaum November 25th till December 25th.

7mad;Ravens : Holiday Set, in the picture, Xmas Art 3, 4, 5, Green Xmas Candlesticks, Red Xmas Candlesticks, available @ Tannenbaum November 25th till December 25th.

UnKindness : Victorian Village Shops, in the picture, Victorian Village Shop White and Victorian Village Shop Red, for Builder`s Box.

Zen Creations :Chrumpkins Monochrome.