Monday, October 22, 2018

Body and mind

Galland Homes : Savannah Bathroom Vanity.

N4RS :Spa Massage Set.

MADRAS :Nearctic Moth Bottle.

Friday, October 19, 2018

My way

A&D Clothing : "Manhattan" suit with HUD for Slink, Signature, Belleza, TMP, Adam and SL Body. Available in main store.

KraftWork  : Noir Skybox, avalialbe @ Black Fair , till today October 19th.
UnKindness  : "Celestial Nook Cabinet & Acces Set", in the picture,  Trunk Black, Book Set 2 and 3, Crescent Moon Gold, available @ Collabor88 till November 6th.

UnKindness : "Autumn's Hall Set", available @ Go! FaMESHed till November 10th.

Raindale : Bartlesby leather pouf, available in main store.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Shades of autumn

GOOSE : "Harvest time gacha set", in the picture, Shelter, Harvest time big couch ADULT RARE, Harvest time single sofa B, Harvest time table,  Pile hay, Milk can White, Milk can grey, Apples sign, Harvest sign, Barrel, Candle,  bag apples, pile of apples, Old ladder, available in main store.

CHEZ MOI : Campfire Wood Benches, PG and Adult version, exclusively @ Tres Chic till November 10th.

MarinaBay Shop: Hotdog bus, available in main store.

Little Branch : Korean Beech Tree (Animated) 5Seasons, available @ TMD till the end of October.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Story teller's night

[Merak]  : "Modern Witch's Belongings", in the picture, Modern Witch Shrine, Candles, Decorative Witch Plate, Modern Witch Books, Witch's Drink, Modern Witch Sign available @ The Liaison Collaborative till October 26th.

Refuge : "Eclectic Halloween" Gacha, in the picture, Boo Table Stand, Toad Stool Jar, Candelabra Gold Grunge, Golden Pumpkin Group, Medical Wall Hanging Head, Medical Wall Hanging Skeleton, available @ Salem till October 31st.

Refuge : Pumpkin Candy Dish Silver, available @ Salem till October 31st.

Raindale : Soulton tapestry +lights, (2 options included, HUD controlled and menu driven). Available @ The Liaison Collaborative till October 26th.

Raindale : "Darkmore Set", available @ Builder's Box .

Raindale : "Valenbert Set", in the picture, vase with pumpkins, pumpkins, with HUD, available exclusively @ Cosmopolitan till October 20th.

MADRAS : "Halloween Special Decor Set", in the picture, Voodoo Face Black, Demon Statue Decor, Pumpkin Glass with Light, Pumpkin Jar, Spooky Eyes Decor RARE, Skull Frame Black, available @ The Arcade till October 31st.

MADRAS : Mirall Iron, available @ Equal10  till November 5th.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Untold thoughts

UnKindness : Gothic Cem Fence&Grave Mem, available @ Ironwood Hills till November 1st.

DaD : "Dead Halloween Tree" PG and Adult version, available exclusively @ Salem Event till October 31st.

Little Branch : BlackTree{Animated} available @ Salem Event till October 31st.

Little Branch : Spooky Trees available @ Cosmopolitan Shopping Town with a 50% discount.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Road to nowhere

*Birth* : "Benjamin", Catwa & Body Appliers, Shape included, 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range),  4 Eyebrow Colours, Browless Option,  6 Beards in Tintable White - Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours, Off buttons for hairbase and beards. Available @ TMD started October 5th and till the end of the month.

OUTLIER.// : "Waverly" Denim Jacket Oynx and in 2 more colors and Turtle Neck with HUD, for Signature, Belleza and Aesthetic, available @ MOM till October 15th.

I also used the  "taikou"  late night tunnel backdrop (lights on).

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Urban retreat

Zen Creations : Eccentric Sofa Set, Adult & PG menu, in the picture Sofa, Sofa Table, Curtain, Tulips in Vase,  Jar, Books, Chandelier,  Fur Rug, Pouf,  Wall Art,  available in main store.
[zerkalo] : Princess Room, in the picture,  Matress - RARE, Pillow Star White, Pillow Squre White, Star Lamp, available @ Shiny Shabby till October 15th.
MADRAS : Adoora Decor Set, in the picture, Door stopper 1,2,3, Mt. Kusatsu Shirane Frame,  Welcome Autum Frame, Stool Decor, Jar Decors.
Refuge :Wish Bucket Purple/Silver.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Gaming time

MGmen's : T-Shirt Rosso  for Signature, Belleza, TMP and SL Body, available @ Man Cave till October 9th.

UnKindness : "Masculine Chic", in the picture, Console-Black, Art 1, 2, 3, available @ TMD till September 30th.
[zerkalo] : "Gaming Room" Gacha, in the picture, Sofa - Adult and PG version, Coffee Table, Beer, Chips, Magazines, Foosball  Adult and PG version, Z-Tower. Available @ kustom9 till October 10th.
CHEZ MOI : Barrel Bar, an exclusive for Limit8 available till October 13th.
Zen Creations : Cycle Art Duo, available in main store.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Ghostly gathering

Serenity Style : Merloc Rusty Hall and Merloc Rusty Cart, exclusively for Blueprint, the new Home & Garden Event till October 12th.

Serenity Style : Street Food Col Gacha, available exclusively in the new round of Shiny Shabby till October 15th.

CHEZ MOI : Garden Double Bench, an exclusive for Shiny Shabby till October 15th.

GOOSE : Scary pumpkins, a new release for Shiny Shabby till October 15th.

DaD  : "Love Gardening" available in main store.

DaD  : "Old Memory Bicycle", available in main store.

MADRAS : "Nearctic Moth", available @ Shiny Shabby till October 15th.

Little Branch : LimeTree v2, animated, 4Sesons, available @ Ultra started September 15th.

Little Branch : ScotsPine, animated, 4Seasons, available @ Blueprint, the new Home & Garden Event till October 12th.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bring me to life

Meva : Jackson Pants with HUD for Signature Body, available @ Signature Event till September 20th.

UnKindness : Gothic Mannequins , available @ The Fantasy Collective, September round.

KraftWork : L'Automne Mirror, new group gift, available in main store.

Zen Creations : Old Newspaper Pumpkins, available in main store.

Refuge : Horror Tapestry B

The Backdrop is from "anxiety" SEMPITERNAL [The Forbidden Room] w/o Surrounding Box.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Flavours of Fall

CHEZ MOI : "Hampton Bay BBQ Picnic", available @ TRES CHIC exclusively, September 17th till October 10th.

Raindale  : Fotherby hanging chair, an exclusive release for Swank Event available till September 30th.

Raindale :  Dewberry set, an exclusive release for Au Lovely till September 24th.

GOOSE : String lights, available in main store.

Little Branch  :PersimmonTree, animated, 4Seasons, 100% Mesh with realistic texture. Available @ PocketShop till October 4th.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


MGmen's : Nord Set, for Signature, Belleza, TMP and SL Body, available @ TMD till September 30th.

MarinaBay : DJ booth.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Season's change

Galland Homes : "Franklin" 20x24, 127 LI, available @ FaMESHed till September 27th.

[zerkalo] : "Old Garden", in the picture, Water Pump, Barrel, Cart, Sink, in PG and Adult version, available @  Shiny Shabby till September 15th.

Serenity Style : "LiZu Barnyard" Gacha, in the picture, Stall, Hen House RARE, Hen Standing, Hen  Resting, Hen  Eating, Table, Eggs Wooden Basket, available @ The Liasion Collaborative, till September 26th.

Zen Creations : Rainy Day Prep Kit, available @ main store.

MADRAS : "GoldFrab Decor" Gacha, in the picture, Table Decor, Tea Tumbler Decor, Green Apple Decor, Red Apple Decor, Jam Bottle Decor THE ARCADE REWARD, available @ The Arcade till September 30th.

Raindale : "Estwards" rocking chairs, available @ The Liaison Collaborative till September 26th.

Raindale : "Gracewoods" Gacha, in the picture, deco plates, console table, available @ Whimsical till September 18th.

Raindale : Tarrington bench, available @ main store.

Raindale : Challor planter.

Little Branch : Lombardy Poplar, Animated, 5Seasons, 100% Original Mesh . Available @ TMD till September 30th.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Best man's service

A&D Clothing : Suit Santorini with HUD for Slink, Signature, Belleza, TMP, Adam and SL Body.

[Merak] : Merak for Collabor 88, in the picture, Fresh Armchair (White), White Ceramic Vase, Wooden Basket, Mixed Pot, available @  Collabor 88 till September 6th.

Refuge : Whimsy Lighting.

DJ / SF  : French Sofa - White, available @ Shiny Shabby till September 15th.

Aphrodite Shop : "The Bestman" Large Gift box, available in main store.

MADRAS : Doux Couch and Decor, in the picture, Door wall decor, Red Rose Pot Decor, Rug Decor, Frame Decor.

MADRAS : Kimmi Chair with cloth.

MADRAS : Vintage Telephone Decor.

MADRAS : Tiffany Decor Set, in the picture, Table Decor, Letter Jar Decor, Glass Jar Decor, Bowl Decor, Flower Jar Decor, Glass Bottle Decor, Stool Decor, Mirror Plain Decor, available @ PocketShop till September 4th.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer holidays

Meva : Newton Pants for Signature and Belleza, available @ Man Cave till August 9th.

CHEZ MOI : "Ocean Deck", PG & Adult version. Available @ Shiny Shabby till August 15th.

CHEZ MOI : Orchid Patio Set, an exclusive for TRES CHIC, July round, till August 10th.

CHEZ MOI : Beach Hut, exclusively @ Ultra till August 15th.

[sf] : Ryan Chair striped, PG and Adult version, available @ main store.

GOOSE : Candy retro chairs, with a 90 seconds BENTO animation sequence for male and female. Available @ Cosmopolitan till July 29th.

Serenity Style : Shiva Beach Tents, an exclusive for new round of Ultra till August 15th.

MarinaBay : Hanging fish 3 and 4, available @ main store.

DaD : " Rome & Tuscany Cotto Tiles", exclusively @  FaMESHed Go till August 10th.

Little Branch : Swamp OakTree {Animated} 4Seasons, available @ main store.