Sunday, September 3, 2017

Late summer sun

CHEZ MOI : Barbecue Party (Adult), Cutting Board, Picnic Cheese and Bread,Picnic Table Let's Party (Adult). Classic Picnic Basket, Cup With Flower, Orange Cake, Hamburger Tray Party. Available @ TRES CHIC   till September 10th.
CHEZ MOI : Porch Swing Oak (Adult), Available @ LIMIT8  till September 13th.

BJK "Electric Scooter gacha", in this picture :  Swing, Old drums, Electric Scooter White RARE, Electric Scooter Black RARE, Bag Graffiti,  Bag Militar. Available @ Cosmopolitan  till September 10th.

LB Little Branch: Old OakTree{4Seasons} Animated big, Old OakTree{4Seasons} Animated small. 
LB Little Branch: OakTree.v2{4Seasons} Animated, available @ LIMIT8 till September 13th.
LB Little Branch: ArganTree{Seasons} Animated, available @ Genre started  August 15th .

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