Sunday, September 17, 2017

Destination ...

DaD DESIGN : SOHO IndustrialLoft/Skybox, an exclusive for ULTRA September 15th -
October 15th.

Zen Creations : "Book Lover Bedroom" full set with Adult, PG Menu and (color & resize) HUD.

UnKindness "Dude Art" Full Set, available @ Mancave  September 10th till October 1st.

DJ/SFVintage Blanket Box (group gift).

Mesh India : "Neon Sign Decor Gacha", in this picture , Neon Blak Jack Sign, Neon WIN WIN WIN .
 Mesh India: Travel Decor Gacha, in this picture, Travel Plan Board Decor, 66 Route Map & Sign Board, Travel Suitcase 1 Decor (Texture Change), Travel Suitcase 2 Decor (Texture Change),Building Frame Decor (Texture Change), available @ aQua Event  till September 24th.

Serenity Style: Janire Vintage Collection, in this picture, Armchair, Boxes,Sideboard, Picture, Radio, Wall Telephone RARE, Coat Rack, Available @ PocketGacha  till October 14th.

HJM Designs  : Nostalgia Living Room full set.

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