Tuesday, June 19, 2018

License to grill

CHEZ MOI : Barbecue Shed (Adult) exclusively @ TRES CHIC  June 17th till July 10th.

CHEZ MOI : Ping Pong Table (Adult & PG version). Available @ Cosmopolitan till June 30th.

DJ / SF : Cathedral Ruin - Ivy, available @  Illuminate till July 13th.

DJ / SF : Camp Chair : green, blue, white. available @ Second Pride till June 24th, after this date items will be for sale in the main store.

N4RS : Valkenberg Park Set.

Serenity Style : Sangiovese Motocar w/o box an exclusive for the June round of Deco(c)rate .

Raindale : Costerfield set, in the picture, fire pit, stump, available @  Illuminate till July 13th.

Galland Homes : Freeman Day Bed Adult & PG version. 

Little Branch : Orange Blossom {Animated} Seasons, available @ The Chapter Four till June 30th.

Little Branch : Rainbow Eucalyptus {Animated} 4Seasons, available @  Illuminate till July 13th.

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