Saturday, May 19, 2018

If i could change something in the world...

A&D Clothing : Jacket "Donald" with HUD for Slink, Signature, Belleza, TMP, Adam and SL Body.

[zerkalo] : Biker's Place Set, in the picture, Bike Bar, Helmet Rack, Mail Box, available @ Uber till May 23rd.

[zerkalo] : Relaxed Corner, in the picture, Bed Adult, Quilted Plaid, Two Pillows, Rug, Plane Propeller, Connector, Knot Lamp Tied, Water Pipe, Fireplace (RARE), Towels. Available @ Kustom9 till June 10th.

Refuge : Mayza May Chair Dark, available @ The Fantasy Collective till June 10th.

DJ / SF : Upcycled Drawers, 3 colors available, Shabby, White and Garden. Find it @ Illuminate till June 13th.

* The pants are from A&D Clothing too.

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