Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bohemian vibes

DaD : "Byron Pavillon Set", in the picture. Byron Pavillon, Hanging Chair, Climbing Ivy. Available exclusively @ Collabor88 till April 6th.

Raindale : "Littlevale gacha", in the picture, Shed (RARE), Flower lantern (blue), Ladder,  Flower lamp (blue,big & small),  Flowerbed fountain,  Flower pots, Garden table. Available @ Illuminate till April 13th.

Zen Creations : "Bohemian Pohodli Room", Adult and PG Menu, in the picture, Bohemian Pohodli Pod, Bohemian Pohodli Hooka, Bohemian Pohodli Guitar, Bohemian Pohodli light, Plant 1, 2, 3, Bohemian Pohodli Table.
DJ / SF : Kincaid Set , available @ @ Illuminate  till April 13th.

Little Branch : WildLindenTree, (Animated) 4Seasons, BirdFlower (With Flowers Menu), available @ Illuminate till April 13th.

unKindness : "Here Kitty, Kitty", in the picture, Kitten Blue Bed, Water Bowl Blue, Treat Bowl Blue.

1 comment:

  1. Incredible photography, the clarity on this photo is just amazing, it's so real life like you just want to walk into the picture and be there, really amazing art, thank you for including Zen!
    Zhoie Zimermann