Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Get the party started

UnKindness : "Shanty Church House Gacha" in the picture, Church House Building RARE, Cross Fence Dbl, Cross Fence Left, Old Signs, Long Signs, available @ The Gacha Guardians till January 31st.

UnKindness : "Old Americana Gacha", in the picture, Movie Screen RARE, Car Port RARE, Ticket Booth RARE, Tire Rim, Seat Red, Seat Blue, Speakers 1, Speakers 2, Fence Segment 2, Fence Segment 3.

UnKindness : "Shanty Repair Shop Gacha", in the picture, Always Open RARE.

Raindale : Winterleen bench, an exclusive release for January round of the Avenue Event .

Raindale : Dreamsleigh tire swing (yellow), exclusively @ The Liaison Collaborative till January 30th.

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