Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lord of the boards

MGmen's : Jacket and Jeans DNS, both for Signature, TMP and SL Body, available @ TMD till December 31st.

UnKindness : Countryside Cottage, available @ Collab88 till January 5th.

Zen Creaations  : Recycled Skateboard Chair & Table, Recycled Skateboard Shelf, Recycled Skateboard Wall Lamp Set.

DaD DESIGN :"Illuminated Trees" available @ Paying it Forward Event till December 25th.

[Merak] :  Leather Loveseat Black Adult and PG version, available @ Collab88 December round.

 CHEZ MOI :Wooden Christmas Tree,  Simple, Adult and PG version, available @ Cosmopolitan till December 16th.

Serenity Style : Neige Winter Picnic Rug,  Neige Winter Picnic Suitcase, available @ December Deco(c)rate .

Raindale :Whorouly hanging chair +lights, available @ Winter Garden .

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