Saturday, March 4, 2017

Stay Awhile

Zen Creations : "Artist's Home"Set: Lounge Chair, Table 3, Table 1, It's good to be home Art, Typewriting Art, There Here There, Loving this Space, Stay Awhile Art, Why Hello Art, Adult and PG versions both included. Available @ Cosmopolitan till March 11th.

Raindale: "Birdside Gacha": Sofa (RARE),  Frames C-M,  Birdhouse C-M, Teaset C-M, Vase C-M, Pancakes w/d, Pancakes, Candlestick C-M, Mirror C-M, Chest of drawers C-M, Table C-M, available @ The Crossroads Event new round started March 3rd.

Raindale : Raindale ~ winter vase,  Sugarvale frame (art) CM, Sugarvale lantern CM, Sugarvale ~ cake roll CM,  Tea&cupcake, Mauner carpet.

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