Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Where the day meets the night

[Park Place] : Tipsy Bookshelf Set, Enameled Flower Decor - Large, Enameled Flower Decor - Medium, Enameled Flower Decor - small, A Touch of Spring Bench (singles/cuddles), Mist Green Display Shelf,  Love Always Picture Frame,  Walnut Corner Curio Cabinet w/ Accessories, Potted Purple Hibiscus, A Touch of Spring Floor Pillows  - Singles/Cuddles, find them @ The Best Is Yet To Come Event till February 15th.

HJM Designs: Salina Lounger, new release.
HJM Designs: Heart Decor Hanger, available @ Perfect Ten Shopping Event  the item is in discount 50% through the Event takes place from February 1st till February 15th.

REKT  : Minimalist Fireplace, for the current edition of "The Challenge", the item is in special offer of 50% off.

Raindale : Salford tray, available @ The Avenue Event, round starts February,1st and ends February 26th.
Raindale : Sugarvale carpet, a gacha item available @ The Crossroads Event new round starting February 3rd.

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