Friday, January 6, 2017

A fast glance at the newspaper headline

(BYRNE) - Ren Arrow Mens Jacket: Duo-tone four pocket open leather jacket with string-ties and shirt in pinstripe geometric design. 100% Rigged mesh for classic avatars,may fit some mesh bodies.

Exclusively for Swank new round starting January 7th.

Raindale ~Maplemoor Gacha: Maplemoor cake, Maplemoor tea set, Maplemoor table, Maplemoor stool, Maplemoor chair, Maplemoor bench, Maplemoor  lantern, Maplemoor portal, Maplemoor well (rare), available exclusively @ The Crossroads Event started January 3rd and ends January 28th.

Storax Tree : Rustic Wall Garden Aj, Mesh Rustic Wall Garden Ak, Mesh Wood and Industry Apple Bowl Ba, Mesh Twine Wrapped Candle Di,  Mesh Rustic Weather Vane Decor Ac.
.:Tim:. [P1 Beach] Pathway Wood middle curve mesh
Available both exclusively @ Swank  new round starting January 7th.

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